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This software is no longer being developed, because NeoBook has ended its software development.

DiscBuild allows the user to assemble files and folders (directories) that can be used to burn a disc. The application does not do the burning. It will identify sizes of files and folders and then allow the user to move selected items into a target folder.


Quick start

The application displays a tree of the computer's files and folders on the left-hand side, and a list of files and folders to move on the right-hand side. The following three steps are then followed.

Select left-hand files and folders to move by using the "Add file" and "Add dir" buttons, or by pressing ENTER. This will add the selected item to the right-hand list of items to be moved. Select a target folder in the lower right-hand corner. Select "Go", or press F4, to move the list's items into the target folder. The combined (total) size of the files and folders to be moved is reported as the list is being assembled. The size shown is rounded up, so that the total size of the items does not exceed the number shown.

"Del" deletes the selected item from the list. "Reset" clears the list.

The item selected in the tree is shown in the title bar at the top of the application. The item selected in the list is shown below the list. A selected left-hand file can be deselected by right-clicking on it.

The sizes of certain system folders, like "\Windows\" on the system drive, cannot always be obtained. If a folder's size cannot be obtained, or if its size is zero, the folder's name will appear in red font, and the folder cannot be added to the list.

A slight delay sometimes occurs before very large folders can be added, because the application first needs to retrieve the folder's size.

You may try DiscBuild free of charge for 30 days.

Download for Windows

Version 1.0.3 (19 January 2015)

This version works for both trial and registered versions.

Purchase a software license

Buy a DiscBuild software license for $9.95.  We accept PayPal and credit cards.


Last updated on 29 April 2018.